Kailash Consulting

About us

Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence are buzzwords a company would love to put on its deck, and two hyped fields of expertise encompassing a few trillion US dollars in market potential.
Kailash Consulting is built from a team of experts that actually comes from both of these disciplines. With decades of experience in founding, executing, selling, and consulting cyber security companies, at the time, it was just called “security” and researching, developing, and patenting machine learning from the time it was simply called “statistics”.
Kailash Consulting is a boutique service company doing both hands-on and consulting in Cyber Security, AI/ML projects, and preferably in projects combining both.


Ron Porat

Founder & CEO of Hacktics (sold to Ernst & Young), Seeker (Sold to Synopsys). Founder and CEO of Shine (an antivirus company). Founder and CTO of L1ght, a machine learning company dedicated to protecting children. Serial entrepreneur with vast experience in management, technology and sales.


Oren Farage

Founder & CEO of Shine an antivirus company, Founder & CEO of noknok a company that gaps the distance and media for teams working remotely and the owner of boutique consulting company  in the field of Cyber Security. Oren specialize in Cyber Security, Operations and business.


Dr. Amit Rechavi

Senior Lecturer & Faculty member at Ruppin Academic Center. Lecturer at Raichman University. Associate Research Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Amit brings to the table academic researchers with Hands-on experience. He is experienced in leading people and projects related to Big Data, Social Networks, Models. Techno-sociology and interdisciplinary research.


Dr. Benny Bronfeld

Lecturer in Ruppin Academic Center. Benny brings more than a decade of experience leading companies and research and development teams in Comverse, Microsoft, Telemessage and others. 

Benny holds a Phd in information technology from the University of Haifa.



Our team members have done in their past numerous project related to:

AI/ML project in Image processing, natural language processing, movie analysis, profiling of users, graph databases, behavioral antiviruses,  penetration testing tools among others. Team members have been part of patents writing and trade secrets inventions. We offer our hands-on knowledge and experience to assist our clients succeed.

Think-tank & Second opinion

Helping our clients think, rethink, invent and/or reinvent their most challenging AI/ML/Cyber or combined  related problems. We can be part of the inception of a new product or service, but we can be used as the “opposition” to its inception.

We can deliver an “attack on paper” opinion on system weaknesses as well as finding a way to hack the system in reality.

Execution of highly complex AI/ML/Cyber projects

Our Promise